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The Islanders Hockey Club is a full service Youth Hockey Program that caters to players from the youngest of age levels to players
poised to enter college.
We participate in the most competitive women's youth hockey leagues including the NEGHL and EHF, as well as the
most exclusive tournaments.

The Islanders Hockey Club Women's Division is an Elite Female Youth Hockey
Organization led primarily by Elite Female Hockey Players. Our Mission is to
allow young female athletes the opportunity to participate in a competitive
league, to produce an athletic environment that fosters skill development and
team-based responsibilities with the intention of instilling a life long love for the game of hockey.

Our goal is to provide an optimal teaching environment that allows players to
flourish their hockey skills, learn various aspects of he game, and create a
platform for them to move onto the highest level of hockey they can including prep school, college, or beyond.

Several of our coaches are female athletes who have played at the highest level
possible in female hockey including D1, professional, and National Team play.

The Women's Division is led by Stephanie Wood (Northeastern). She can be
reached at: for
all questions or inquiries