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Islanders Hockey Club
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Where do I mail my tuition Payment?

To avoid the 3% pass through credit card transaction fee on Apr, May, Jun, Jul, and Aug normal tuition invoices these are 


1 - Electronic check: "Islanders Hockey Club"
2- Physical check: "Islanders Hockey Club"
3 - Cash.

Please note invoice # / Team / Players name
Remit to: 
(NEW as of 5/3/18)

‚ÄčIslander Hockey Club
PO Box 337
Concord, MA 01742


How many players are on an Islander Team?

Our teams vary in number of players although the older teams have historically carried 3 forward lines, 3 sets of defensemen and 2 goaltenders.

Do all players get the same opportunity to participate?

Our teams are organized under the assumption that all players are paying the same amount and will be afforded an equal opportunity to be involved. This does not guarantee each person will be on the PP or the PK but each player will be taught the same systems and coaches will be afforded flexibility to implement the system with the players most prepared to execute the tactics of the system.

Can coaches "shorten" the bench at the end of the game?

We encourage the utilization of all players on an equal basis. Coaches are given the flexibility to enhance the teams position within the last 1/3 of the last period. This decision requires communication from the coach to the impacted players and an opportunity in the next event to get the "playing time" back.

What rules does the organization follow or align with?

As a member of the EHF our organization adheres to the rules which are found at the league website Eastern Hockey Federation The general answer is that we follow the playing rules of the NCAA and the administrative rules have been developed over time and are modified or expanded based on a vote from the League's Board of Directors ( one vote for each member organization).